What do we do

Most of us spend less time thinking about our careers than we should. Yet our work takes up so much of our time, and has such a big impact on our lives. Professional career advice makes complete sense.

Divish LLC have been helping people to improve their working lives for over many years.Now we work with a small number of career-focused young professional; people who take their careers seriously and who appreciate the benefits of personally tailored, objective, career advice, coaching and guidance. You may be one of those people.

Most of our young international graduates are looking for the next move, the strategic step that allows them to perform at their best and increase their rewards. Some want to put the spark back into their life and are looking for a job that gives them purpose, reward and drive. Some are concerned about the impact of immigration and are looking for greater security. And many are just finding that the process of looking for a new job is much more frustrating than they anticipated.

There is no reason to stay in a dull job orhave challenges in finding your desire job. Give us a call and we will be willing to give you some guidance as to what can be done to improve your career.